Hotel Altus Poznań Old Town, Poznań
Hotel Altus Poznań Old Town, Poznań


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19 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021

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Discover the secrets of Poznan

Collegium Martineum UAM

Collegium Martineum UAM, or the former Collegium Historicum, is the headquarters of the provincial committee of PZPR. The original interiors are preserved here, and in the basement of the building there is a canteen "Garden of flavors of Mrs. Maria", with a painting by Margaret Thatcher on the wall. Delicious dinners, classic retro decor and original architecture from the late 1940s.

Collegium Martineum UAM

Muza cinema

Muza cinema, although today in a modern version, it is one of the oldest in Europe - founded in 1908. Muza is one of Poznan's studio cinemas, which has kept the look and repertoire of cinema with traditions. The cinema offers its viewers a rich arthousing program, organizes many film reviews and festivals, gathers viewers during cycles addressed to students, dog owners, foreigners and entire families.

Muza cinema

Ice cream with "Kostusiak"

Puszczykowo is famous primarily for two places: the writer's and traveler's Arkady Fiedler's workshop and "u Kostusiaka" ice cream parlor, where in the season there are long queues craving for ice-cream from natural ingredients. Currant ice cream is particularly appreciated. Although prices are not the lowest it is still a tradition for whole families to go together for ice creams to Kostusiak.

Ice cream with


A district of Poznan which is experiencing its real renaissance. Today, it is one of the main meeting places for both young and old.  Its unique atmosphere consists of atmospheric streets that remember the distant times of our grandparents but also hides modern restaurants and pubs. All this create a perfectly harmonious atmosphere to fall in love with this place.

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